Ya’ll know I love animals and I am a patriot to the core…this company has a message and Veteran Patriot founders that I support.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to help your pups and help a rescue in need – my affiliate income from this site is donated to the LOST ANIMAL RESOURCE GROUP as they were instrumental in helping me when my own pup, Odie, went missing in 2021.  Here’s their website so you can learn more about them: 

 The same BEMER you love for yourself is also good for your small pets – dogs & cats!  Here’s my Great Pyrenees, Odie when he was just a pup, trying to get onto the BEMER as I was packing it away for travel.  He knows what helps him!  Annnnd…..BEMER makes a special one just for our horses!  Check this out!  (There is some info in this link. Reach out to me directly so I can help you!)

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